2016 and 2017 USA Weightlifting Under 25 National Champions

KIM BARBELL is a nationally competitive USA Weightlifting sanctioned team.  We offer unparalleled coaching and programming for weightlifting, powerlifting, and strength and conditioning.

Our training hall is in the heart (within the loop) of Houston, TX. Our team includes beginners, individuals looking to get into better shape, crossfit competitors, high school athletes, law enforcement officers, and of course weightlifters. We have a large and growing team that is open to anyone ready to make strides towards achieving their goals. 11 of these individuals have competed on the national platform.

All coaches at KIM BARBELL are certified by USA Weightlifting, the majority are nationally competitive athletes, students of the sport of weightlifting, and have completed an in-depth coaches training program designed by the program director, Bradford Kim. Continued education is absolutely mandatory.

Every athlete is written individual programming. This programming is designed using evidence based/research reported outcomes to strengthen an athlete’s specific weakness to accomplish their individual goals.

We have an excellent training hall that is equipped with world class equipment from Eleiko, Werksan, and Uesaka.  We have 12+ training platforms.

For more information about coaching and costs, contact: kimbarbell@gmail.com