The KIM BARBELL team extends beyond Houston, Texas. This includes athletes throughout the entire state of Texas and includes many members nationwide, many of whom have competed at a high regional/national level.

Receive individualized programming to efficiently work on your personal deficiencies to ensure that you maximize your training time as an athlete.  Join the remote training program and receive 1:1 feedback from our national level coaches on a weekly basis from your training videos.

Received guaranteed coaching at USA Weightlifting national events.

To join or for more inquiries, e-mail:


KIM BARBELL conducts training camps in house or at other facilities in Houston, Texas.

Typical format includes four training sessions over a one month period.
Instruction before each exercise, including explanation of its purpose, and hands on training over the month.  Video analysis is done throughout the camp.

This model allows us to work with committed athletes on multiple occasions to practice and drive home key concepts while having access to knowledgable coaches. Each training camp is goal directed.

We require a minimum of 10 committed athletes for off-site camps.

For more information or off-site requests, contact: