Our team offer’s youth training sessions (age 8-17) as an opportunity for young athletes to develop general physical preparedness through strength & conditioning principles in add the sport of (olympic style) weightlifting.

KIM BARBELL’s mission is to develop both our athletes and coaches into their full potential in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.  We have an excellent training hall that is equipped with world class equipment from both Uesaka, Eleiko, and Werksan.  We are also fortunate to receive support from Progenex, Nike Weightlifting, and Red Panda Boba.

KIM BARBELL wants to:
Continue developing a national weightlifting team
Grow the sport of Weightlifting in Houston and Nationwide
Support athletes achieve better fitness in life and for competition
Build stronger, faster, and better conditioned athletes so that they can translate this into performance for their respective sports.

To find out more about how we support our national athletes or pricing information to join our team, e-mail: info@kimbarbell.com